July~Taboo Contest Winner

were you there
(when they crucified my lord)

Yah know we hate niggers in our town, damn straight we do. All them damn niggers do is bring trouble around and have a bunch of ugly nigger babies. I hate niggers, and I've killed me a nigger or two in my day, cause that’s what we do round here.

People think that down here in the south we's all about the Ku Klux Klan. My daddy was in the Klan but that was years ago. Nowadays, we's more concerned ‘bout killin' those damn niggers then burning them crosses. Sure we use crosses, but not the same way my daddy did.

Well we just had us some niggers move into Dickens Hollow a ways back. We watched em fer a couple a days and came up wit a plan. We wanted ta kill us one a them niggers.

So yah know we built us a cross. A good strong one. But we didn't need no gas cause this wasn't like the crosses my daddy used ta use. Nah, we was gonna do a little sumthin different wit this one.

So we rustled those niggers out their house and made em lay down on the ground. Billy kept beating on em till I told him ta quit. Jack helped em git the cross out the back of my pick-up truck and they went ta diggin in that front lawn. In the mean time, I had a little bit of fun wit that nigger pussy. I fucked her good and her old man went ta yellin till I busted that stupid niggers teeth out wit the end a my shotgun.

Well I was hollerin at Jack cause a the fact that he didn’t git that cross deep enough in the ground fer my likin. But I figured it'd be good enough. I hollered, "Jack, git me that goddamned hammer" and he hollered back, "Goddamnit Pilate, I told yah I would in a minute!"

Anyways, we went through those niggers’ house real quick and tore it up a bit. I pissed on the bed. Billy took a shit in a pan on the stove. We all laughed at that one. We laughed a little harder when we seen the name on their mailbox, it said 'Christ'. We thought that was funny too.

So we went back out there and ended up shootin those little nigger kids in the back. Their momma went ta hollerin till Billy started fuckin her too, just like I did.

While Billy was fuckin her we nailed that old sunofabitch nigger ta that cross right in his own front lawn. He was hollerin too, just like his old lady, but we nailed him anyways. He had blood coming down from him forehead from us beatin on him and he was soakin inta this thick kinda beard he had. He had some long hair fer a nigger too. But like I said, I've killed me a nigger or two in my day, cause that's what we do around here.