Jonathan Hayes

Jonathan Hayes is the author of Echoes from the Sarcophagus (3300 Press, 1997) and St. Paul Hotel  (Ex Nihilo Press, 2000). Recently published by Remark, The Silt Reader and Zaum; he edits the literary / art magazine Over the Transom.

Vladimir Miskovic

Vlad Miskovic has had short stories appear in Flesh&Blood #10 and; poetry publications include an upcoming issue of Lunatic Chameleon (#2) and a spring edition of

Robert S. Beal

To order MusicSurealtm CD'S, GicleePrints from original works or make inquiries about availability of original works of art contact Robin Dixon. Many original paintings are available through by doing a search for the artist.

Kevin Dole 2

Kevin Dole 2 is a barely published writer who lives in a basement efficiency near the largest sewage incinerator in the state of Michigan. His unpublished novel Tangerinephant has been read by as many as five people, some of them editors.

Forrest Aguirre

Forrest Aguirre's fiction has appeared in Twilight Showcase, Flesh & Blood, Indigenous Fiction, The Earwig Flesh Factory, Redsine, and The Journal of Experimental Fiction, among others.  He has work forthcoming in Exquisite Corpse, Fresh Blood, Lingering Dementia, and 3rd Bed.  The Butterfly Artist, a collection of his short fiction, is available from Flesh & Blood press. He is managing editor for Ministry of Whimsy press. Locus Magazine calls Forrest ". . . an interesting writer, worth watching, whom I think could benefit from disciplining the wilder flights of his imagination a bit."  Forrest spurns such disciplinary measures.

Gary West

Gary West is a native Coloradoan, now residing in “Sin City” with his partner, Barbara. Recent publication credits include Lunatic Chameleon, Side Show, Dust Devil, Decompositions, Black Petals, FLASHSHOT, The Martian Wave, Waxing & Waning and October Moon.

Sam McCall

Sam is an 18-year old college student who lives in Somerset, England and studies English, History and Philosophy. He reads and writes often, and has been influenced by a wide variety of authors from Irvine Welsh and Hunter S. Thompson to Aldous Huxley and George Orwell. As well as being published in various local magazines he won the Brunner Prize for Creative Writing in 2001.

Sam also plays guitar, watches a lot of films and does the odd bit of surfing in the summer. He is going to the University of East Anglia next year to study English Literature with a minor in Creative Writing. He hopes to ‘be a writer’ some day (which means getting paid for it).

Elias Siqueiros

Elias Siqueiros is a poet living and working in New York City. Some poems of his can be found on the Upland Trout website dedicated to Surrealism. He has released a chapbook titled "23 Poems" which has been reviewed here. Revolution, the trace of lived experience, and the totality of love are the signs that guide him through his poems.


satan165's mystique and legend is only matched by the skid marks which copiously coat his drawers. He is hated by many, respected by few. Besides a host of other problems and personality defects, his work can be found strewn about The New Absurdist, The Whimsical Icebox and Currently battling a nightmare case of the shingles, he has taken to trying to inspire a new round of ritual killings with his upcoming work, but will settle for a minor social disturbance. Chances are you have no idea who he is, but you can be damn sure he knows very well who you are and is watching you now...

Bobby Crowwolf

Bobby Crowwolf signs his art with the moniker KrO. He is a member of the ASFA (Association of Science Fiction & Fantasy Artists) and is currently accepting commissions. He specializes in pen and ink drawings and pointillism. Visit his web site to see more of his work

Todd Matson

Todd Matson is a professional faith-based therapist and marriage & family therapist with Methodist Counseling & Consultation Services in Charlotte, North Carolina.  He has written two chapbooks entitled, Speaking of the Dark Side of the Ministry and Days of Dazed Confusion, which have been published by Scars Publications.  His poetry has also been published in Children, Churches and Daddies Literary Magazine, Lunatic Chameleon, The Catbird Seat, Shemom, Decompositions, The Harrow, Timbooktu, and The Journal of Pastoral Care and Counseling, the professional journal of the American Association of Pastoral Counselors.  He is a member of the American Society of Composers, Authors & Publishers (ASCAP) and has had publishing success as a lyricist for the Gaither Music Company, Ariose Music Group, and Star Song. He wrote the words to "Forever," a song performed by the Gaither Vocal Band which went to Number 2 on the Inspirational Chart in Contemporary Christian Music.

Andy Miller

Andy Miller is a writer, artist, and composer, living 5k from Monticello. He has never run for public office. Two of his favorite web destinations are and

Jim Wittenberg

Jim Wittenberg lives in open obscurity in California's Sacramento Valley. More people than he is able to count call him Jim, Jimmy, or Jim-Bo. They talk to him about Ford trucks, pit bull terriers, putting fertilizer on their lawns, or when they should trim their rose bushes. Anything but literature, probably because they think he's barely able to read, much less write. This gives Jim the freedom to write whatever he wants.

A.D. Dawson

A D Dawson lives in the market town of Mansfield, Nottinghamshire, England. He has regularly contributed to The Dream Zone magazine. Dawson will also be included in the upcoming anthology, "Sick: An Anthology of Illness." As graduate in literature, the writer, A D Dawson is fascinated by the story telling of the Victorian writers. Dark gothic tales, such as Emily Bronte's Wuthering Heights (1847), fuel his imagination with their foreboding corners and shadows. Furthermore, the Victorian ghost story, such as Henry James' The Turn of The Screw (1898) and Margaret Oliphant's various short tales of the unseen, bring to him a world that is haunted by a sense that the living and the dead, the past and the present, the banal and the bizarre... are divided by no more than a whisper. It is from this world that Dawson draws his inspiration for his own tales... You can visit his web site at

Paolo Honorificus

The author is alive. (Sometimes I wonder.) He lives alone inside a mind threatening to cave in on itself. A daydream junkie, improbable fantasies are his stalk in trade; like imagining finding a publisher who will pay for his work. He is most profound when profoundly asleep. Nothing gets finished. The author may be lazy. Two things he says most often to himself: "Did I write that?" or "Where could I have stolen that from!"

Dave Fischer

Dave Fischer is an artist from Providence. He's had art featured on Independent Mind, fiction on 3AM Magazine and, and his experimental music project was recently mentioned in The Wire. He ignores people who suggest focus..

Dale Michael Houstman

51 years of age, born in King's Lynn, England, and now lives in Minneapolis Minnesota. With friends Tom Clarkson and Barret John Erickson, he produces an irregular surrealist publication called "Blue Feathers" and also musical projects of an "undefined" quality. "Poetry is the main by-product of an obstructed colon minced in a cosmopolitan fashion, and acid-stressed to bring out highlights."— Therman R. Rugport