White Play
Kenji Siratori

"dive:the body of the technocrisis exists to the wolf=space that spiral was greatly delighted to the abolition organ of the god of et cetera:was controlled to drug-eye......"

My living body traces the invasion pathway of the artificial sun with the script=mode::boundless shell.....<vision that resuscitates> series.....of the cadaver city that was expanded by the hydro=mania. The continent without the code in.....reacts to the plug state murder of masses of flesh.

......the brain fiber that machine=angel of (a small nude program separates) in the crime site of the diagram of the city where turned the gimmick with the surface of the screen.....while doing_vagus_online. The crash circuit of the internal organ consciousness of myself was caused expansion and contraction.....I caused to slide the high speed-emotional script of a dog in the apoptosis function deficiency of murder.....I walk--degraded without observing the function of the sun that she does the mimicry of cadaver-feti with the beat of the machine nature that crushed to the intermediate living body of ToKAGE] dive to the asphalt that respires existence//cable that hung up the junkie. ......piercing it to the crime plug of soul/gram I grow thick to virus form desire/yourself is proliferated.

The living body that the okama-guy was mixed is inoculated from the machinary vein of road. Nerve-seed.....of ANDROID. Online.....of body_omotya.

I disappear.

>>the ultimate rigidity, eternal chromosomal aberration.....of the pupil that irradiate the digital miracle of a dog along the derangement cable of the machine=angel. The vital icon of myself that did the melancholy product to the control external brain of the crime potential drug-embryo of masses of flesh is erased--liquefies on the intention of immortality and parasitic.

"/in the vital top of myself the digital=vamp so......"

The storage of myself fuck. A bloody skinhead invades <streaming of the scream>. To planetary form gene=TV.....burying the slender nude storage element that was infected it was crowded. The violence of ToKAGE that was jointed in the synchronous city of cadaver-feti is respired. The circuit of yourself is congested.....the mimicry to the chemical murder mode of the artificial sun. A dog_grasp impossibility_picture--.

Continent nature=silicone..... of the storage loss. The nude picture that invades to a qualitative wild fancy for a dog is broken. The beat of the skizo. Miserable gene=TV of myself was enumerated to the form of a murderous tablet so.....joint region.....of soul/gram. The cold-blooded disease animals of high sensitivity controlled the hydro=mania who proliferates in the cadaver-city" rape. Being covered the code that masses of flesh beats on the suicide monitor of gene=TV......miracle.....that number awoke. I suck it. The techno-junkies' body exploded inside.....I murder the sexual air-line of a dog. ----exists of "dog with the brain that split......"

Body.....of KARASU that did soul/gram_vamp. The drug-eye that the vital plug that resuscitates was synthesized is controlled. The parasite pictures of the cadaver city are respired.....murder person.....of nano. I rape the human phantom of the asphalt that was cut by the beat of the artificial sun=is sending channel.....of boy_roid.

Heart that ToKAGE lacked:

The sleep of myself expands to the acid=media of the masses of flesh that weakened---was jointed to gene=TV.....the inside=system of the lobotomy disease was break down to the head line of the machine=angel that fainted::the rape-guy! It accelerates in the vital level of fusion possible worldly desires circuit---ToKAGE of the cadaver cities.....the shell of the walk that was shut distorts it.

Descends. The body=strategy that was regulated to hydro=maniac of the artificial sun is mapped.....micro vital reaction.....of boy_roid. The parameter of the pupil does rave in the abnormal area of the machine nature of yourself! I escape to the over there of suicide! ----the mutation nature vision type of the future of ToKAGE that perceived the malice-technocrisis like the mass of flesh that was done the digital=vamp-s of cold-blooded disease animals-[we who it was output=] the pill form picture group of a vital plug was undermined! -----

The burnup of the brain of boy_roid that is contrary. "......strips+dog of asphalt of which, is encircled to the herd of masses of flesh tension and was distorted......" FUCKNAM of ToKAGE that was connected to control external of gene=TV! The heart is flourished in the blue absent-minded picture area of the sky......ovarium cable.....of the solitude that was converged to my urine.

For the second of the dog when flows:

# # #

A techno-junkies' organic screen murders>>the non-symmetrical emotion of the artificial sun_mode>>the map of a larva. "the carcinogenic crime plug that is covered the blood that controls the drug-embryo of myself and float with the that brain universe is absorbed. ......the vital level, ToKAGE of which run away_the air-line that completed fuck:joints in the boundary of the god of et cetera! "the speed of a dog degrades=crawls about the bondage circuit of the brain of the cadaver-city so. Of vital plug_functions the crime device of ToKAGE that was expanded. She become aware of the masses of flesh of the I torture it.....was transferred to the hydromaniac=murderous intention of cold-blooded disease animals/form the chromosome. Her insanity machine walks----@BODY

It is covered the mass of flesh of boy_roid and osmose to the internal organ picture was jointed of asphalt. --begins to overflow with the cruel figure of gene=TV that was break down.....the insanity of a chromosome is send back out gradually.....the mimicry-the crime circuit that crushed to the awakening speed of the cadaver city of the drug embryo. <skizoner> and others of a vital level react with a lonely pupil so......the streaming of the fear=cell that I was isolated. ""......soul/gram osmoses and secrete the murderous intention of a dog:"the nude" of techno-girl was controlled with the volume of the asphalt that was canceled in the vital level of the artificial sun. Being transmitted minute telephony of a nightmare of ToKAGE to the mutation technology that beats continentally I continue to excrete......" online to the vital circuit of the drug-embryo.....intensity-the reaction body of <skizoner>......that was formed is restrained to the crime=technology of the machine nature of cold-blooded disease animals intensively. A brain cell escapes to the nervous system that was done [DOWNMIX] of myself with the acid figure of ToKAGE......

>>the drug embryo of the worldly desires who mutates rapes the hardware that stiffened vital in the basement which artificial sun awoke. The mode in the ToKAGE form murder area where hyper-links to the missing device of brain.....a nude adsorption switch. The cadaver of myself is infectious to the nervous system that crushed of the machine=angel. The internal organ that was done and was watch inside of earthworm_rhythm. DIGITAL=malice of.....the human phantom.

The picture of myself does noise. The monitor of gene=TV was inoculated with the fuck-style of a dog so.....body fluid.....that ANDROID is lost in wild fancies of.

"without observing excretion_vital VTR brain of myself dashes it......"

The cadaver of myself resuscitates to the technocrisis crime circuit of the artificial sun. It is transferred to the quantity lump level which committed suicide emotional.....the chaos of the machine nature of ToKAGE of dog that the hydro=mania invades with the figure that respires the melody that was dismantled and exploded. ......the chloroform flow of the body fluid that walks erases the brain of the continent nature of a dog! Junk sun.....of the cadaver city that synchronized to the beat of the rape-guy. Hyperreal stratagem.....of the stool that restrains the living body of myself to direct. It bounces to the hardware of the drug embryo. The fear=cell without the script of myself. Medium 8. ---

......the cold-blooded disease=body of myself is online to the techno-crime circuit of ToKAGE. Replication-area area.....of body_omotya which crushed to the blue of the sky. The masses of flesh of the term piece_explodes++the soul/gram of dog that degraded to the walk organ of the asphalt that was murdered, tempted the naked body of earthworm.

"murder series.....of the brain of the dog that quantifies it to the DIGITAL=malice of myself. @"

The brain universe that is disillusioned and yourself surrendered the digital=vamp//......the drug embryo be vital rhythm.....of the chloroform that secretes it from the rape character that broke. <<weakness>> reproduce->->bio-less miracle*violence they in the storage that does techno- junkies' vagus].

The circuit of myself is covered blood=body_omotya of the code is output>>"boy_roid of unstable vital=streams.....lobotomy.....of the dog that was hyper-linked to the monitor of gene=TV. :burst LEVEL-DOWN along the air-line of the masses of flesh that flies. 0=of=the fractal picture-group of this cadaver city passes to the internal organ consciousness that rendered the scream.....soul/gram of which erodes it to the brain of pleasure*ToKAGE.....clone-dive.....without the limit of @......gene=TV that the script=dog commits suicide on the interface of our pupil. Masses of flesh proliferate and reset and accelerate the living body. ----"the chemical picture-group of an artificial ant! the suicide machine that fuck monotonously......

The cruel cycle of a dog.

[accelerate the DNA channel of the disillusionment! Escape! The inhabitant parameter of the cadaver city-inside is osmosed to the junk=body of the vaio.....while the artificial sun that masses of flesh deletes that the asphalt mutates to the wild fancy that radiate heat and beat and inoculate the crime acceleration agent of online----cyber earthworm of death jointed to a nude machine=angel it crushes.....

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