Tim Curran

Tim Curran lives in Michigan, works in a factory by day, and writes horror, crime, westerns, and suspense by night. His tales have appeared (or will) in many small press magazines and anthologies. His novel, Skull Moon, a horror/western will be published in 2003 by RFI West (www.rfiwest.com) in e-book and trade paperback. Another weird western, Grim Riders, will appear from RFI shortly thereafter. His crime novel, Street Rats, has recently been accepted by PublishAmerica. Find him online at: http://www.darkanimus.com/curran.html

Angie Jonet-Brice of The 3rd Effect

The3rdEffect is a collaboration of Angie Jonet-Brice and Patrick De Bauche. The images of The3rdEffect represent a collaboration of the bards of literature and the muses of vision. Our primary focus is on the collaborative efforts of our work and love of Art, literature, and creative expression.  Upon the gallery opening, showing works by emerging artists, typically, whose work exemplifies the styles and content of the gallery. In addition, the gallery will be available for special events and programs, including book and poetry readings, lectures, and artist seminars the focus of which is to provide the Green Bay area with a cultural awareness of the arts.

Our new website will be open shortly at www.The3rdEffect.com 
We have a collection of graphic art, surreal art in digital and canvas mediums, Collections of poetry, and sales representation of fine Art. If you would like more information on The3rdeffect contact Gallery Director Angie Jonet-Brice @ The3rdeffect@aol.com 
"Let us not mince words: the marvelous is always beautiful. anything marvelous is beautiful, in fact only the marvelous is beautiful." Andre Breton, 1924

Dave Fischer

Dave Fischer is an artist from Providence. He's had art featured on Independent Mind, fiction on 3AM Magazine and gotpoetry.com, and his experimental music project was recently mentioned in The Wire. He ignores people who suggest focus.. http://www.cca.org

Abel Diaz

Abel Diaz is the greatest living hack in American fiction. He lives in Seattle, where he pursues his interests in comic books, porn, and beer. He may or may not speak English. He edits Avant Pulp for kicks.

Kenji Siratori

Kenji Siratori is a young Japanese author who classes himself as a 'hypermodern writer working in a digital environment'. Born in 1975, he currently lives in Sapporo, Japan. Siratori's book, Blood Electric, can be ordered from Amazon.com http://www.amazon.com/exec/obidos/ASIN/1840680601/

Todd Matson

Todd Matson is a professional faith-based therapist and marriage & family therapist with Methodist Counseling & Consultation Services in Charlotte, North Carolina.  He has written two chapbooks entitled, Speaking of the Dark Side of the Ministry and Days of Dazed Confusion, which have been published by Scars Publications.  His poetry has also been published in Children, Churches and Daddies Literary Magazine, Lunatic Chameleon, The Catbird Seat, Shemom, Decompositions, The Harrow, Timbooktu, and The Journal of Pastoral Care and Counseling, the professional journal of the American Association of Pastoral Counselors.  He is a member of the American Society of Composers, Authors & Publishers (ASCAP) and has had publishing success as a lyricist for the Gaither Music Company, Ariose Music Group, and Star Song. He wrote the words to "Forever," a song performed by the Gaither Vocal Band which went to Number 2 on the Inspirational Chart in Contemporary Christian Music.

Jim Wittenberg

Jim Wittenberg lives in open obscurity in California's Sacramento Valley. More people than he is able to count call him Jim, Jimmy, or Jim-Bo. They talk to him about Ford trucks, pit bull terriers, putting fertilizer on their lawns, or when they should trim their rose bushes. Anything but literature, probably because they think he's barely able to read, much less write. This gives Jim the freedom to write whatever he wants.

Vincent Sakowski

A writer of fiction, poetry, and plays, Vincent W. Sakowski is the author of the anti-epic novel of the surreal: SOME THINGS ARE BETTER LEFT UNPLUGGED, and the novella, THE HACK CHRONICLES-- both published by Eraserhead Press. He lives with his wife, Robin, in Saskatoon, SK, where he was born and raised. Currently, he is at work on his latest novel. Watch for his upcoming short story series IT’S BEGINNING TO LOOK A LOT LIKE RAGNAROK, in the anthology OPEN SPACE: New Canadian Fantastic Fiction, due out in August 2003.

Dale Michael Houstman

51 years of age, born in King's Lynn, England, and now lives in Minneapolis Minnesota. With friends Tom Clarkson and Barret John Erickson, he produces an irregular surrealist publication called "Blue Feathers" and also musical projects of an "undefined" quality. "Poetry is the main by-product of an obstructed colon minced in a cosmopolitan fashion, and acid-stressed to bring out highlights."— Therman R. Rugport

Paolo Honorificus

The author is alive. (Sometimes I wonder.) He lives alone inside a mind threatening to cave in on itself. A daydream junkie, improbable fantasies are his stalk in trade; like imagining finding a publisher who will pay for his work. He is most profound when profoundly asleep. Nothing gets finished. The author may be lazy. Two things he says most often to himself: "Did I write that?" or "Where could I have stolen that from!"

Ted Kopsaftis

Ted Kopsaftis, a minimally trained artist, attended the art institute of fort lauderdale. He now works in a country club and tries to draw and paint as much as he can. He believes there are too many artists in the world, and definitely too many bad ones. He hopes to be one of the bad ones.

For more info check out http://www.geocities.com/tegeko/TEGEKO.html

Barrie Jones

Barrie was born in 1958 to a working class family, in an area where one does not create unusual art. However, after severing time in the Royal Navy, Barrie discovered the work of Dali and has been persuing art ever since.

Prints of his work are available at http://www.artmajeur.com/barriejones/.

Born a poor black child in rural Manhattan in the mid 60's, polycarp kusch grew to define the term--disinterested party. Lacking both ability and drive, he rose quickly in academic and business circles and finally landed a job as a K-Mart cashier. The following day he was fired and dedicated his life to literature. Popular opinion said this was a bad thing. This man should not be allowed access to sharp things like pencils. Then came latex gloves and computers and people forgot about polycarp kusch. But soon after World War 2, the "lost writings" of polycarp were rediscovered by a new generation of people with way too much time on their hands--and thus was born--the cult of the polycarp. He now lives in Budapest, Hungary existing on a simple diet of pork and Czechoslovakian beer with his third wife Evacarp.