Todd Matson

they called her "senorita of sids"
because sids took the babies
she took tender loving care of
but if you ask me it was never
sudden infant death syndrome
i would bet my life that every
one of those babies died of
something much more sinister
just like my baby brother did
when she was his nanny
they found tortilla in his throat
a conspicuous, swollen wad of tortilla
had closed his throat off completely
and if all those "sids babies" were
exhumed and autopsied
i bet the same thing would be
found in their tiny throats
and may lightning strike
the grave of my brother
if senorita did not sing to
each of them the same lullaby
i heard her sing to my brother
lullaburrito into your mouth
when you will die
your soul will go south
when you will wake
this much will be true
lullaburrito is waiting for you

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