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From: Anonymous
March 13, 2003

I would like to see more stories about monkeys on crack, I have searched high and low on this world wide web and have found scant few. I once had a uncle who lived in Mexico who had a fondness for crack monkeys, them and little girls. Needless to say the Mexicans liked him a great deal and made him a star. He wrestled in a federation called the WCW a few years ago but when Ted Turner found out about his guilty pleasures he had him killed (on the down low). I would like to leave my e-mail address but I fear the CIA is on to me, I know many things they don't want the public to know. Hopefully I'll be able to write to you again real soon thru this website. Until then make sure the lids on your trashcans are kept on real tight, things will go thru them at night when you are asleep.

From: Abel Diaz
February 3, 2003

Dear Dream People,

I would like to place my order for one shiny copy of The Best of the Dream People Poets, edited by Jennifer Barnes. I understand this item is a steal at five American bucks. I would also like to make a small donation toward your webzine. I consider it my civic duty to support the work you do.


Well, I'-m glad you asked.- I'll tell you, sirs-and madams. I'll tell you.

The web is black hole, a vacuous medium that devours creativity and shits it out as the average webzine. There's no artistic integrity on the Internet and there's even less creative discipline. Often, when visiting a webzine for the first time, I feel robbed of my time, energy, and intelligence. Free? Bullshit! We all pay the price whenever mediocrity entrenches itself.

But the Dream People is different. Here's an electronic publication that is as professional - and usually better - than anything being produced in print. In fact, I would pay to read the Dream People if you charged by the issue. It's that good. There's only one other webzine I'd be willing to pay for on the entire Internet, but it involves naked men and woman doing filthy things to each other, so really we shouldn't go into that. Just forget I mentioned it.

So there's my opinion. And here's my money. I wish it was more but I'm a poor, drunk college student with a severe crack habit. Can I have my Best of the Dream People Poets book now?

~Abel Diaz