July~Taboo Contest Winner

Todd Matson

if ever you enter
the sanctuarium
thirsting for
life everlasting
promised to all
who drink from
the fountain of
living water
flowing freely
from the altar

enter before dusk
gaze upon those
who have drank
from the fountain
and now worship
in their colonial
and victorian garb
smelling of mildew
and moth balls
split ends dyed
blonde and brown
black and blue
age spots rotting
relentlessly to the
ticking of the clock
eye sockets empty
brain cavities full
of worms as immortal
as their hosts
ever aging
never dying
forever lusting
after bread and cup
like vampires
young blood


hear me now
if ever you enter
the sanctuarium
you must leave
before night falls
for when darkness reigns
all seekers must choose
to drink or die
drink from the fountain
or die before dawn
and the blood in the cup
the body broken for bread
will be your own