The Fairest Con of All

Only Brian Keene would have the genius to pair Stoker Award winner Linda Addison and John Edward Lawson up for the first Horrorfind Poetry Jam...the results were nothing short of spectacular.

Click for video of Lawson reading
'I Smell Satan'

Linda Addison & John Lawson

The two wove a magical web trading off after each poem, building on the other's imagery. Addison's smokey-cool yet spicy delivery was a sophisticated contrast to Lawson's quirky deviance.

Although they are not pictured Matt Warner, Kevin Donihe and D. Harlan Wilson were also guests at the table.

Tim Curran
and Susanne Brydenbaugh were on hand to help out at The Dream People table.

Tim brought his chapbook, Headhunter, fresh from the presses while Susanne added the collection Femmes de la Brume to the table.

Who says Baltimore isn't an exotic place for a convention?


Author Susanne Brydenbaugh & Dream People editor Jennifer Barnes