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In Pseudofoliculitis City nothing is as it seems and everything is as it should be. Today's forecast calls for extreme confrontation, with sandwich flurries and the threat of handlebar mustaches to the west. By turns absurd and surreal, dark and challenging, Pseudo-City exposes what waits in the bathroom stall, under the manhole cover and in the corporate boardroom, all in a way that can only be described as mind-bogglingly irreal.

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Dead in Th13teen Flashes 2: Body Count contains seventeen short tales of bizarre horror, including stories by Kenneth C. Goldman, Megan Powell, J.L. Navarro, and Steven L. Shrewsbury. Beautifully illustrated by the likes of David Anthony Magitis, Keith Wigdor, and David Bowlin. Edited by Brutal Dreamer and available exclusively from The Dream People!

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