We had a blast at this year's FrightVision convention in Cleveland OH, we met a lot of great people including the people behind Dark Realms Magazine.

Jennifer, John, Joe & Chris


Dark Realms is one of the best magazines we've seen in a long time, stunning art is balanced with fascinating topics covering everything from dark movies, fiction, occult and historical articles. If you enjoy gothic atmosphere this is a must have.

 We went to spread the word about The Dream People, Double Dragon Publishing, Eraserhead Press and a multitude of great writers.
Master of the surreal, D. Harlan Wilson, was also on hand to help out the Dream Team.

Our intrepid Editor, John Edward Lawson, put the fear of god into listeners at an author reading which also included D. Harlan Wilson and Brian Keene.

Brian Keene read from his new novel The Rising available from Delerium Books.

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Brian & John enforce the law

D. Harlan Wilson read from The Kafka Effect available from Eraserhead Press.

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