by Hugh Tribbey

REARS ITS UGLY HEAD voice box is undone & REARS just the Adopted ITS otherness. Repelling from the UGLY eye Millerites. Mills. eyes HEAD of a spider¢s Coins with REARS and the escape. ITS North-by-south. Mt. UGLY holes cast away beside HEAD the tin ears. Net of REARS skin. Rushmore. Humanity¢s ITS not a singular thread. UGLY barn. Pressure of my HEAD head on the Insistent fan. REARS Obsession. I pillow ITS is like a Sedimentation & UGLY a always played the HEAD monster. Hay massage. Warmth bouncing REARS back blanket. Mudslides ITS as seductions. The & UGLY rafters. If you really HEAD to my jaw, my neck. REARS earth want to ITS see something. Ghost dance. UGLY Kids leaning. doesn¢t want HEAD me Magic shirt. Cockles of REARS consciousness. over. Storm ITS door. to sleep. Sleep is UGLY a strategic Her Images HEAD from nowhere. A dark retreat REARS in lieu of ITS dying eyes made blind UGLY with pool and the HEAD images float & then Mask¢s REARS eyes. fever. Jars ITS of to the surface. UGLY World A rumble prolonged HEAD by sperm and urine. rushes REARS in A I¢m ITS attracted to a woman UGLY a basement furnace or HEAD with its own videos. Every REARS black sphere rotating ITS in the who is UGLY not particularly the pickup¢s HEAD stereo in the park. brain REARS floor under a ITS quarter sphere attractive. She UGLY works in a library. HEAD "It¢s hard an archive. painted REARS She has to ITS put Banal in alternate UGLY rings a on clothes HEAD when you¢re wet." You¢ve dusty REARS stacks. Eyes are ITS of receding chin with UGLY testing conditions of arrest. HEAD Somewhere there¢s black and yellow. REARS fine just got ITS to live. Pop an UGLY observer¯up Someone says HEAD this is the white hairs REARS on it. I ITS don¢t recall & to UGLY the left where model HEAD of Venus. her face just REARS of panties, heft ITS the window¢s making There UGLY is the chin & HEAD the room lighter. It the REARS sense this machine ITS the hairs, sees me, UGLY and there¢s the dark HEAD is connected some way to REARS the though I ITS sense pool down to UGLY the processes thigh right. HEAD Voice is where of Venus REARS that, under long-sleeved ITS denim you like this.

photo by Eric Hauser

by Hugh Tribbey

gratuitous private lawyer qualitative jazz longish prurient pure

bugger constitution evil assents, diminishes, measures chapters of curious fear

engross the member writer rat desires valuation numb translate
savagery fundamental insight radiance brought up

imperfection arises consensual
woman white spatial script prelate face
biopsy every frosted sentence portrayal of authority enjoys

theophany gray great considers Jazz tea compulsive

potent transcendental assents reluctant clarity hankering flicker rare

pure member considers consensual magic neglects rat river
feature conceals bile venial creation

the guide pictorial deprives
Subhuti posthumous Lunch symbol re-makes dick
cancer different material Ground Byronic Island finds indispensable

stranger tastes magister physical sculpture diverse test

bureaucrat tradition nickel-plated orgone Green hodge-podge cosmic ship orgasm

imperfection oligarchical large-scale

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