Clint Venezuela is an alien from an unknown planet. He enjoys sleeping and not moving any muscles in his body at all. He has dreams in which his doctor is dressed as Dr Doom from the Fantastic Four comics, and he has an obsessive fear of fruit, especially oranges and bananas. He longs to evolve into a silverfish and has trouble urinating in public

Jim Wittenberg

Jim was formerly known as the monster, poetXtreme/pXt (pronounced "psst"). He was born in Cuba to a pair of Californians and published in several forgotten rags while still a teenager, into his early twenties. After a two decade silence, and two failed marriages, Jim is once again offering his poetry to the reading populace. He is also the father of three humans; a stepdaughter, a son, and a daughter.

Aimea Saul

"Art is the great stimulant of life." ~ Nietchze

Through a combination of hand drawings and digital photography Aimea Saul generates the basis for her digital manipulations. Her explorations of the duality within--the darkness and the light--are captured in limited edition chromira prints available through her website: Imagery By Aimea. Some of her influences include James Abbe, Maxfield Parrish, Icart, Mapplethorpe, Klimt, H.R. Giger, and Salvador Dali.

"Art is Wicked. We are Art." ~ Georgia O'Keeffe

Bruce Sommer

Hailing from the "Great Lakes" region of North America, Bruce Sommer ( aka B-man), returned from a long sabbatical to begin writing prose and short stories after a double-edged sword of close personal loss cut through his existence. He used prose as a lifeline and catharsis, offering token words to fill the consuming emptiness. After traveling from Ireland to the Dead Sea he now resides in the fabled "City by the Bay", where his words use imagery to convey the ideas, feelings and concepts the brush of grief paints across the canvas of all humanity. He prefers long walks with his surviving "family" of two dogs on isolated beaches shrouded in an almost perpetual coastal fog while he searches for that warm glow of love in life once more.

Scott C. Carr

Scott C. Carr is the Chief Editor of the critically acclaimed online Apocalypse Fiction Magazine ( as well as the newly conceived sub-e-zine Weird Space.

Scott's fiction has recently appeared in such publications as The Dream People, Pulp Eternity, Pegasus Fiction, EOTU E-zine, Cherry Bleeds, The MUFON Journal and The Kovacs Files.

He is hard as work putting the finishing touches on his novel, Until the Stars Grow Dark.

Danielle Naibert

Danielle Naibert has over 100 short stories and poems published in print and online in the past five years. She is the author of Basement Insanities Part Two, and editor of newly released anthology Moon Over Madness. She edits two online sites; Art of Horror (Stoker recommended 2 years running) and Review City. She works as a freelance reviewer for Random House, Barclay Books, Bethany House and numerous other publishing houses and authors.

F.J. Gouldner

F.J. Gouldner has recently appeared in such e-mags as,,,,,,,, Dezmin's,,, and most recently coming up in

D.Harlan Wilson

D. Harlan Wilson’s fiction has appeared in a number of magazines, most recently in Doorknobs & BodyPaint, Redsine, Diagram, The Café Irreal, Driver’s Side Airbag, The Dream Zone, Fables, Absurdism, Locus Novus and 3 A.M. Magazine. A chapbook of his stories was published in 2000, and his first full-length book, a collection of forty-four stories called The Kafka Effekt, was published in 2001. Wilson holds two M.A. degrees, one in English Literature (University of Massachusetts-Boston), the other in Science Fiction Studies (University of Liverpool). Currently he is working on his Ph.D. in Twentieth Century American Literature and Theory at Michigan State University. (D. Harlan Wilson’s official website:

Scott Tinley is the author of four non-fiction sports related titles, is currently an MFA student at San Diego State University and swears he was straight when he wrote Serendipitas in his head while surfing a large January swell near his home in Del Mar, Calif. He is married, has two children (that he knows of) and dreams deep and often.

Born a poor black child in rural Manhattan in the mid 60's, polycarp kusch grew to define the term--disinterested party. Lacking both ability and drive, he rose quickly in academic and business circles and finally landed a job as a K-Mart cashier. The following day he was fired and dedicated his life to literature. Popular opinion said this was a bad thing. This man should not be allowed access to sharp things like pencils. Then came latex gloves and computers and people forgot about polycarp kusch. But soon after World War 2, the "lost writings" of polycarp were rediscovered by a new generation of people with way too much time on their hands--and thus was born--the cult of the polycarp. He now lives in Budapest, Hungary existing on a simple diet of pork and Czechoslovakian beer with his third wife Evacarp.

Lynne Jamneck

26-Year-old writer from Cape Town, South Africa. Has no logical brain to speak of, which "obviously" gets her into lots of trouble.

Credits include work (fiction and art) currently under consideration at NFG magazine, published art in EOTU E-Zine, published fiction in On Our Backs Magazine,,, as well as photography in the July 2002 issue of Diva Magazine. She's also a regular non-fiction contributor to Womyn Magazine (South Africa). Her first mystery novel has also been published by Artemis Press. (

Influences include spectacularly varied writers such as Lauren Wright Douglas, Clive Barker, artist Salvador Dali, and people who compile Dictionaries "god blessem". Spends her days creating fastidiously, kept fastened to the real world by her partner Heidi, and Maya The Cat.

Who's always hungry.

Paolo Honorificus

The author is alive. (Sometimes I wonder.) He lives alone inside a mind threatening to cave in on itself. A daydream junkie, improbable fantasies are his stalk in trade; like imagining finding a publisher who will pay for his work. He is most profound when profoundly asleep. Nothing gets finished. The author may be lazy. Two things he says most often to himself: "Did I write that?" or "Where could I have stolen that from!"

Jerry Vilhotti

Jerry Vilhotti graduated from the only college that won the NIT and NCCA basketball tournaments in the same year but more importantly than that - a Jonas Salk who helped rid some of the world of polio with his vaccine was also given the opportunity to contribute to Mankind and graduated from the same NYC school that's called in some circles: "The poor man's Harvard". This and the fact that there was a place of higher learning that indeed gave every race, nationality and creed an opportunity to play in the game of sculpting a better world gives him great joy.

He has been fortunate to have had stories published in the USA, Greece, India, Scotland, Ireland, England and Canada; many of which were literary magazines. He lives among the Litchfield Hills: the ghosts of Mark Twain is east, Harriet Beecher Stowe is on the west and John Brown is to the north. Vilhotti lives in a simpler place in time, with a beautiful wife who treats him well and waits for him to return from his imaginary meandering and they both helped - he swears to God! - in bringing three sort of nice kids into this world and hopes they find a loved one as good and tender as the one he found long ago and far away - just like the song !

M. Garrow Bourke

M. Garrow Bourke’s artwork and fiction largely remain an underground phenomenon. Fried Anchovies with Bloody Bouillabaisse, his incindiary first novel, and his essay "The Art of Ribbing: a History of Sexist Humor" caused quite a stir among readers. Bourke (whose last name defies pronounciation) is currently hiding out and working on his second novel. When the urge to write wanes Bourke resorts to extreme digital image rendering. He is a traveling man who calls the roads of the United States of America his home.

Kevin L. Donihe has had over 100 stories and poems published in/accepted into over 70 magazines and anthologies in five countries. These venues include: The Mammoth Book of Legal Thrillers (Published in the U.K. by Constable & Robinson and in the US by Carroll & Graf), Eldritch Tales, Cemetery Sonata II (Chameleon Publishing), Darkness Rising (Cosmos Books), Thin Ice, Crossroads, Enigmatic Tales, Nasty Piece of Work, Frisson, Roadworks, Freezer Burn Magazine, Rictus, The Dream Zone, Penny Dreadful, Psychopoetica, Frightnet, and many others. Shall We Gather at the Garden? -- an 80,000 word novel -- was recently released in trade-paperback by Eraserhead Press. He is also the editor of BARE BONE -- the second issue of which is going to press this month. Visit his web site at

Paul Seftel

As an Artist and explorer I am a projector the medium a vision.  I am from London, and Manhattan. My twin cities since birth. My work has been inspired in Edinburgh, Scotland where I studied, and Lands of Enchantment, where I live, love and travel. I write paint photograph and film my lucid visions, attempting to transmit and transform emotion.

Arthur David Spota

Arthur David Spota is a Surrealist writer/musician/video artist. He has been writing surrealist text and poetry for over 35 years and has been in and out of various groups of like-minded individuals since the 70's; being involved in many collaborations of various mediums, including Exquisite Corpse text and the development of many Surrealist games that were posted and played via the internet with other surrealists, and not.  His most recent associations have taken place at the British Surrealism website NowSurreal ( where a selection of my writing and the results of various games I created are posted.

Tim Green

Tim Green, age 34, Surrey, England. Tim is a published and performing poet, illustrator, and photographer. Much of his work is based on or inspired by travel; particuarly his road adventures in America (46 states and counting). He is currently completing his debut novel, and has recently co-authored & illustrated a book of experimental poetry/prose with the three-man writing group Whitebatmobile.

Andy Miller

Born a little ways from the shore of Lake Erie, Andy Miller studied anthropology and Romance languages in school, and is a writer. He also paints, and his writing extends to Color Music. Two of his favorite web destinations are and

J. Scott Malby

Scott Malby was contacted for a short bio. His answering machine said he was on vacation, spending a few weeks visiting the first part of the 20th century where he hopes to experience that "Golden Period" of English and American poetry for himself. He was overheard at his favorite bar to lamment: "When Auden split everything went to hell. I wish Pinsky and Collins would trade places with him. Not forever mind you, just a little while. I don't know who we could get to nudge Frost out of his repose. Better let his sleeping dog lie."

Dale Michael Houstman

51 years of age, born in King's Lynn, England, and now lives in Minneapolis Minnesota. With friends Tom Clarkson and Barret John Erickson, he produces an irregular surrealist publication called "Blue Feathers" and also musical projects of an "undefined" quality. "Poetry is the main by-product of an obstructed colon minced in a cosmopolitan fashion, and acid-stressed to bring out highlights."— Therman R. Rugport

Long ago Max Strange discovered how to deal with pre-bedtime-snacking-induced nightmares...write 'em down and share them! Strange has had several stories, poems, and art pieces in the speculative fiction small press, but that was almost a decade ago before life intruded and Strange became too busy to write. Recent events have awakened Strange to the fact that no one is promised "a round 'tuit," and nightmares had better be shared while they can

Barrie Jones

Barrie was born in 1958 to a working class family, in an area where one does not create unusual art. However, after severing time in the Royal Navy, Barrie discovered the work of Dali and has been persuing art ever since.

Prints of his work are available at

Andrew Penland

Andrew Penland is a self-taught artist and poet living in Concord, North Carolina. His influences include Basquiat, Cummings, Burroughs, Bukowski, Miro, and Rza of the Wu-Tang Clan. To see more of his work visit these sites

Christopher Morris

Christopher Morris recently sold a story ("The Firelight Inn") to the anthology Hour of Pain, due out later this year. His past credits include Heliocentric Net (Spring, '95), Lore (September '95), Into the Darkness (Fall '96) and Cyber-Psycho's AOD (August 98/99).

Simon Duric

Born in 1978 in Derbyshire, Simon now studies graphic design in Nottingham. He generally works in pencil Crayons but has branched out into pen, inks, and digital artwork. Creative influences include Dave Mckean, HR Giger, Rick Berry, Alessandro Bavari, David Ho, and Mike Bohatch, among others. Simon's work has also appeared in Dream Zone, Kimota, Legends, Roadworks, Hidden Corners, Mosquito, Prime, and Redsine.

The official website of Simon Duric can be accessed at:

Keith Wigdor

Born in the USA in 1965, Keith had worked in the private sector for many years before persuing an art career in 1998. Since then he has become well known in the abstract/surreal art field. His work has been featured in Churn Art Magazine and on the cover of The Bulletin, a publication of the Science Fiction and Fantasy Writers of America. His art can be found on at least twenty five web sites, including a music video he was involved in at the homepage of the industrial band Distant Sun.