Efrem Emerson

Efrem Emerson is a mildly retarded adult male who, since the sudden demise of his bookstore, has way too much time on his hands. He’s recently been selling cheap shit at yard sales in order to make ends meet.

Kristine Ong Muslim

Kristine Ong Muslim’s credits/recent sales include Dreams and Nightmares, Star*Line, The Fifth Di, The Martian Wave, The Horror Express, Wicked Hollow, Flesh and Blood, Black Petals, Midnight Street, Trunk Stories, From the Asylum, and many others.

Gerard Brennan

Gerard Brennan is 25 and lives in the North of Ireland with his beautiful wife Michelle and his super cool daughter Mya. He'll be famous before he's 30 so take the opportunity to read his stuff for free on a few websites such as Bloodcookies issue 1 and Lost Souls Magazine issue 4. He also appeared in print in the January 05 issue of Champagne Shivers.

Zack Wentz

Zack Wentz's writing has appeared, or is scheduled to appear, in Fiction International, In Posse, Pindeldyboz, Word Riot, the Glut, Tape Op, Modern Fix and other places. His novel "The Garbageman and the Prostitute" is forthcoming from Chiasmus Press early 2005. He is a founding member of the band Kill Me Tomorrow, who released a musical version of the novel via Gold Standard Laboratories in 2004.

Alexandra Kogan is a short, pasty, misanthropic, insular, reclusive, overly-educated and under-employed freelance writer and editor. She likes reading, complaining, sleeping, writing, and watching arguments fail. She dislikes pretty much everthing else.

Mark Sullivan

Mark Sullivan lives in Glens Falls, New York. He writes short fiction and and also produces short films. He is best known as the creator of "Spoon Porn."

Johnny Fuentes

Johnny Fuentes, California resident. I am fifteen years old, and write an article for the school newspaper (the independant film and book review as well as the comic book). Currently attending classes for screenplay writing.

Donna Taylor Burgess

Since my first publication in 1994, I have earned over 200 credits in fiction and poetry. Most recently my work has appeared in genre publications like The Horror Express, Bare Bones and The Horror Carousel. I also edit and publish Naked Snake Online and the Naked Snake Press chapbooks.

John Hubbard

My name is John Hubbard. I am an author and poet from Georgia. I write mainly horror or mystery fiction and my poetry is most often rural Appalachia inspired. I'm an avid reader of all genres and in poetry I am quite fond of experimental forms. I am touched, inspired and haunted by the South United States where I grew up and continue to live. I have a fledgling website that can be found at http://www.freewebs.com/johnhubbard/index.htm

C.C. Parker

C. C. Parker lives in Seattle. He has been writing for a long time. He has published over a hundred stories, net and print. Notable publications: Flesh and Blood, Bare Bone, Decadence 2, Lullaby Hearse, Chimeraworld, etc. He is also a staff writer for Cherry Bleeds.

Mark Howard Jones

Born in Mountain Ash in 1963, Mark Howard Jones now lives in Cardiff, the capital of Wales. He has had stories published in print and online magazines and anthologies on both sides of the Atlantic. His new chapbook Night Country is available from Project Pulp. A previous collection, Unknown Pleasures (with Jeffrey Thomas), was published by Dream People Publications in 2003.

Michael Graham

Michael Graham is the pen name of an inordinate quantity of heroin, LSD, and speed.

Magdalena, S.J.

Magdalena's first car-the catalyst of her transmogrification-an angelic Fiat Spyder, would have been worth three times her purchase price had the convertible survived her youth. She can still hear Zeppelin playing in the ghost of this, her winged asylum from Antelope Valley High School.

Rod Walker

I live in Batesville, Indiana & have been writing poetry for twenty years. My poetry & photography have appeared in a wide variety of print & electronic publications during that time.

Keith Wigdor

My name is Keith Wigdor. I am a Surrealist. I intend to invade your mind and DESTROY LOGIC!!! That is the purpose of my work and I continue working in Digital Art, Photomontage and Collage, Abstract Oil on Canvas and Automatic Ink Drawings too. My creative output also includes Science Fiction Art (and Psychedelia), along with Dada and Political-Satire Artworks as well. I am the organizer of the past online internet event, Surrealism 2003, where I featured many surrealist and surreal artists (and poets) including: Gregg Simpson-(Legendary Surrealist from Canada), Oleg Korolev, David Magitis, Peter Lewis, Hiroshi Matsushita, Hisham Zrake, Andrey Doukhan, Daniel Bonato, Pauline Jones, Luc Langlois, and Andrew Penland. I have been featured in two issues of Churn Art Magazine (I appeared in the same issue with the award winning-surrealist artist H.R.Giger and also legendary surreal horror artists Caniglia and Mike Bohatch, both are friends as well). I was on exhibit last year online at The Hammond Gallery, for their virtual art event, The Severed Garden. I have been creating artworks since 1998, a desire to show the world my work which I had put off since 1985! I have many artist friends from all over the world and I am now currently working in Photomontage. I did the cover art for the SFWA, The Science Fiction and Fantasy Writers of America, a magazine called, The Bulletin, winter 2001 issue and I also provide artwork for independent underground writers, (Brutal Dreamer), on the internet as well. Dark Surreal is an art chapbook from 2003, that I collaborated on with my best friend, surreal horror artist, David Magitis. My art has been featured in CD-ROM Format, The Idea, an Electronic Arts E-Zine published from New Delhi, India back in 2001. I have been a contributor to past issues of the online zine, The Dream People. My art has also been featured in pdf.format in the online chapbook, Dead inTh13teen Flashes and is available from The Dream People. I am now working primarily in Surrealist Photomontage and I collaborate with various underground and independent small press on the Internet, as well as other websites such as Orions Arm and TheDoors4ScoopyWag. I will continue to work primarily in Surrealism and maintain my creative ouput in other areas of interest as well for many more years to come!