Jane Gwaltney

Jane Gwaltney is an artist and writer of genre-blurring fiction and poetry. Samples of her work appear in Dreams and Nightmares, Fiction Inferno, Wicked Hollow, Redsine, Fables, Sidereality, Science Fiction
Poetry Review, Rhapsoidia, Yellow Bat Review, EOTU
, and more...

Dave Fischer

Dave Fischer is an artist from Providence. He's had art featured on Independent Mind, fiction on 3AM Magazine and gotpoetry.com, and his experimental music project was recently mentioned in The Wire. He ignores people who suggest focus..

Charles Richard Laing

Charles Richard Laing is a 40 year old creature from New Jersey who works in a major chain bookstore while waiting for the Lottery Gods to answer his prayers. His publication credits are many. Most are weird and obscure. Much like the writer himself...

Martin Rutley has been writing short fiction for several years, influenced largely by writers such as Franz Kafka and William Burroughs. His work has appeared in various publications, including Locus Novus, The Pedestal Magazine, Literary Potpourri, and The Abisinthe Literary Review.

Bobby Crowwolf

Bobby Crowwolf signs his art with the moniker KrO. He is a member of the ASFA (Association of Science Fiction & Fantasy Artists) and is currently accepting commissions. He specializes in pen and ink drawings and pointillism. Visit his web site to see more of his work http://albums.photo.epson.com/j/AlbumList?u=4062722

Scott J. Ecksel

Scott J. Ecksel is a writer living in Washington, DC.  More of his work may be seen at The Cafe Irreal, Netauthor's E2K, Fiction Funhouse, and Clean Sheets.

Valerie Epstein is currently enrolled in a Master's program in Art Therapy at Leslie in Boston. Eclectic in subject and materials, her art explores a range of emotional states and experiences. Valerie can be contacted at vgepstein@yahoo.com.

C.J. Henderson

Like most writers, C.J. Henderson has had to supplement his income from time to time. Over the decades, he has also kicked around as a movie house manager, waiter, drama coach, interior painter, blackjack dealer, book, film and TV critic, stockman, English teacher, roadie, advertising salesman, creative writing instructor, supernatural investigator, bank guard, storage coordinator, children's theater director, card shark, dishwasher, magazine editor, traffic manager, short-order cook, stand-up comic, toy salesman, and street mime.

As an award-winning author, however, he is the creator of both the Jack Hagee detective series and the Teddy London supernatural detective series. His short stories have appeared in scores of anthologies and magazines. His novels are known around the world. As a comic book author, he has handled every character from Batman to Cherry Poptart. And, it that weren't enough, his Encyclopedia of Science Fiction Movies, recently released through Facts on File, has become a smash hit, heading into its third printing even as you read this.

A.D. Dawson

A D Dawson lives in the market town of Mansfield, Nottinghamshire, England. He has regularly contributed to The Dream Zone magazine. Dawson will also be included in the upcoming anthology, "Sick: An Anthology of Illness." As graduate in literature, the writer, A D Dawson is fascinated by the story telling of the Victorian writers. Dark gothic tales, such as Emily Bronte's Wuthering Heights (1847), fuel his imagination with their foreboding corners and shadows. Furthermore, the Victorian ghost story, such as Henry James' The Turn of The Screw (1898) and Margaret Oliphant's various short tales of the unseen, bring to him a world that is haunted by a sense that the living and the dead, the past and the present, the banal and the bizarre... are divided by no more than a whisper. It is from this world that Dawson draws his inspiration for his own tales... You can visit his web site at www.dodsleypages.com.

Paolo Honorificus

The author is alive. (Sometimes I wonder.) He lives alone inside a mind threatening to cave in on itself. A daydream junkie, improbable fantasies are his stalk in trade; like imagining finding a publisher who will pay for his work. He is most profound when profoundly asleep. Nothing gets finished. The author may be lazy. Two things he says most often to himself: "Did I write that?" or "Where could I have stolen that from!"

Tatiana Dolgushina

Tatiana Dolgushina is a fifteen year old Russian who has been writing for four years. Originally she began writing in Spanish. She has been widely published in various countires including the US. But I've has never had a book of her own.

M. Garrow Bourke

M. Garrow Bourkeís artwork and fiction largely remain an underground phenomenon. Fried Anchovies with Bloody Bouillabaisse, his incindiary first novel, and his essay "The Art of Ribbing: a History of Sexist Humor" caused quite a stir among readers. Bourke (whose last name defies pronounciation) is currently hiding out and working on his second novel. When the urge to write wanes Bourke resorts to extreme digital image rendering. He is a traveling man who calls the roads of the United States of America his home.

David Fraser

David likes to balance his life among a variety of activities in the areas of writing, education and sports. When he is not formally working as an educator, he is either writing and researching or involved in one of the following sports: alpine skiing, ski teaching as a full time professional ski instructor at Mt. Washington, BC, windsurfing, tennis, golf, cycling, hiking. In addition he likes to garden, listen to the blues, and search for his way through Taoism. He has built his second water garden which has become his new daily sanctuary. He is learning and refining his Spanish fluency and will travel back to Central and South America in the near future. He lives among the flora and fauna of the British Columbia West Coast. David is the editor of Ascent Magazine - Aspirations for Artists (established 1997).

David Fraser has had work published in Mimesis, In Complete, Windings, In Writing Group, The Starlight Cafe, Kookamonga Square, Above Ground Testing, Poetry Exchange, Wilmington Blues, Steel Point Quarterly, Expressions 30 ( Jan. 2003), Outer Rim, Dream Forge, Circle Magazine & Ascent Magazine.
Lyrics from one poem have been published and performed through Ex Tenebris In the past David has written a weekly newspaper column in the Beeton Record. He resides now on the left coast of Canada and is currently a full time writer.

William I. Lengeman III

William I. Lengeman III has published non-fiction in Saveur, Historic Traveler, Terra Nova and numerous other publications, as well as An Ear to the Ground, an anthology of essays published by Cune Press. His fiction and poetry has appeared or been accepted for publication  in AlienSkin, Andromeda Spaceways, The Dream People, Nexus, Left Curve, The Nocturnal Lyric and NRG. His humor book, S*** Happened, A Concise and Somewhat Confused Guide to History, is currently available in e-book format from Booklocker.com. His web site, 499-Word Tales For The Modern Age, is located at http://wileng.home.mindspring.com/.

Ted Kopsaftis

Ted Kopsaftis, a minimally trained artist, attended the art institute of fort lauderdale. He now works in a country club and tries to draw and paint as much as he can. He believes there are too many artists in the world, and definitely too many bad ones. He hopes to be one of the bad ones.

For more info check out www.geocities.com/tegeko/TEGEKO.html

Elias Siqueiros

Elias Siqueiros is a poet living and working in New York City. Some poems of his can be found on the "Upland Trout," website dedicated to Surrealism. He has released a chapbook titled "23 Poems" which has been reviewed here. Revolution, the trace of lived experience, and the totality of love are the signs that guide him through his poems.

Jason Mink

Jason Mink is a writer of stuff from the twilight shores of Pittsburgh. Rooted in the decayed past, his work looks forward toward a bleak, post-industrial wasteland of a world in which humankind has irrevocably shattered it's link to Nature and is left floundering in a sea of existential angst ... or so he tells intellectuals, to make himself sound deep. Actually, his poems are absurdist screwball dramas designed to incite the faceless masses to anarchy...or so he tells Goth chicks, who eat that kind of crap up... Ultimately, of course, it will be up to the individual reader to decide what his poems are about, what value {if any} they have in their own lives.

Chloe Ryan

Chloe is a 33 year old clinging to "chick" status. She's been writing since she was 15 and her poetry book "Leaving Yesteray" was recently published. She had 20 poems published in a collection of poets' book, "Dark Knights", just got several poems published in the ezine Nirvana Flats and was invited to speak on the poetry panel at the 2003 Popular Culture Association's Annual Conference. She is also a regular contributor to www.the-hold.com in both eformat and print. Her mantra is "life is so full of possibilities and the thrill of the unknown is so great".


Barrie Jones

Barrie was born in 1958 to a working class family, in an area where one does not create unusual art. However, after severing time in the Royal Navy, Barrie discovered the work of Dali and has been persuing art ever since.

Prints of his work are available at http://www.artmajeur.com/barriejones/.

Born a poor black child in rural Manhattan in the mid 60's, polycarp kusch grew to define the term--disinterested party. Lacking both ability and drive, he rose quickly in academic and business circles and finally landed a job as a K-Mart cashier. The following day he was fired and dedicated his life to literature. Popular opinion said this was a bad thing. This man should not be allowed access to sharp things like pencils. Then came latex gloves and computers and people forgot about polycarp kusch. But soon after World War 2, the "lost writings" of polycarp were rediscovered by a new generation of people with way too much time on their hands--and thus was born--the cult of the polycarp. He now lives in Budapest, Hungary existing on a simple diet of pork and Czechoslovakian beer with his third wife Evacarp.

Andy Miller

Born a little ways from the shore of Lake Erie, Andy Miller studied anthropology and Romance languages in school, and is a writer. He also paints, and his writing extends to Color Music. Two of his favorite web destinations are sciencenews.org and csicop.org.