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 Show Your Love RDSP T-shirt Contest

Airplane Novel
Thanks to Skurvy Ink you can now order RDSP T-shirts here.

You can also win a T-shirt just by showing your love. Simply make a tribute to RDSP, or one of our books, online and send a link to books@rawdogscreaming.com by February 14th to enter. Possible ways to show your love:

—Do a book review on Amazon.com or Goodreads.com
—Post a picture of yourself with your favorite RDSP book
—Blog about RDSP
—Upload a video to YouTube where you sing our praises

Several winners will be chosen, creativity will be rewarded!

 The Gorelets Omnibus Paperback Now Available

You can now order the paperback from Barnes & Noble on sale for $11.35 or through Amazon


The Gorelets Omnibus collects all the bloody little bits of Michael Arnzen's poetry written in the past 10 years into one big volume. From the contents of the original Gorelets chapbook and his classic “refrigerator of the damned” online magnetic poetry experiment, to Arnzen's latest flash fiction and brand new Zombie Haikruel series, this collection chronicles his revolutionary vision for the horror short form. He even received a Bram Stoker Award for Alternative Forms for some of the work included in this book. As one of the first writers to recognize the creative capacity of handheld devices, Arnzen's pioneering work to deliver gory entertainment in as few characters as possible is still eminently relevant today. Thus, a “casebook of criticism”—a collection of scholarly analyses of Arnzen’s unique approach to the genre—is included alongside the poetry.

Hardcover Coming Soon

While The Gorelets Omnibus is available in both paperback and hardcover versions, the hardcover edition contains more than 50 pages of must-have bonus material, including:  the hard-to-find Martha Stewart parody, “Michael Arnzen Dying,” additional haikruel you won’t find elsewhere, unfinished poems and pieces no longer available on his website, the "Borelets” parody, and an impressive “horror poetry workshop” of instructional essays by Arnzen on crafting terrifying verse, alongside over 300 “twisted” writing prompts specifically intended to instigate weirdness.

Arnzen’s other books with Raw Dog Screaming include 100 Jolts and Play Dead—soon to be re-released in paperback and ebook format. 

And be sure to visit the website responsible for it all at http://gorelets.com

 Coming Soon Architectures of Possibility

Non-fiction from Guide Dog Books:

Ideal for individual or classroom use, Architectures of Possibility theorizes and questions the often unconscious assumptions behind such traditional writing gestures as temporality, scene, and characterization; offers various suggestions for generating writing that resists, rethinks, and/or expands the very notion of narrativity; visits a number of important concerns/trends/ obsessions in current writing (both on the page and off); discusses marketplace (ir)realities; hones critical reading and manuscript editing capabilities; and strengthens problem-solving muscles from brainstorming to literary activism. Exercises and supplemental reading lists challenge authors to push their work into self-aware and surprising territory.

In addition, Architectures of Possibility features something entirely lacking in most books about creative writing: more than 40 interviews with contemporary innovative authors, editors, and publishers (including Robert Coover, Lydia Davis, Brian Evenson, Shelley Jackson, Ben Marcus, Carole Maso, Scott McCloud, Steve Tomasula, Deb Olin Unferth, Joe Wenderoth, and Lidia Yuknavitch) working in diverse media, providing significant insights into the multifaceted worlds of experimental writers' writing.

Lance Olsen will be at AWP to launch the book Feb 29-Mar 3

 Black Bear Burritos features The Devil & Preston Black

Airplane NovelBlack Bear Burritos recently ran a special, "THE DEVIL AND PEPPER JACK," In honor of local author Jason Jack Miller and his novel The Devil and Preston Black:

"We’re conjuring up a plate of nachos smothered in a special pepper jack queso. Keeping the story going, we add BLACK beans, FIRE roasted corn, fresh lettuce and your choice of grilled sirloin steak or tofu. This tale comes to a close when we top it off with a lime sour cream and some green onions. Whadaya say? We got a deal? $8.50"

More pictures from the restaurant here.

 RDSP Authors Interviewed

Airplane Novel
Mad Rush interviews John Edward Lawson


Airplane NovelMichael Gills interviewed by Julianna Baggot
on her blog

 Coming Soon: The Verminomicon

Verminomicon—A Field Guide to the Vermin of Yuggoth;
Abominations of a Haunted World
is an illustrated text featuring
the sculptures of Anthony DeBartolis and writing of John Edward Lawson.

 Newest Kindle eBook editions
Three of our books have just been released in ebook editions and are also part of the Kindle Lending Library program so Prime members can check them out for free.
Kindle Edition

Gardens of Earthly Delight
Kindle Edition
The Inflatable Volunteer
Kindle Edition

Feb 17-19
Boskone 49
John Edward Lawson
Westin Boston Waterfront
425 Summer St., Boston, MA 02210

Airplane NovelFeb 29-Mar 3
AWP 2012
Lance Olsen, D. Harlan Wilson, Michael Gills
Hilton Chicago & Palmer House Hilton
Chicago, Illinois

Mar 21
“The Monstrous Fantastic”
Michael A. Arnzen
Orlando Airport Marriott, Orlando, FL

Mar 29-31
Lousiana Conference on Literature, Language & Culture
guest author Michael A. Arnzen

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