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 Q & A Video Chat with Ego Likeness

Ego Likeness
Wednesday, April 4th • 8pm EDT

You're invited to meet authors / musicians Steven Archer & Donna Lynch. This event is hosted by ShinDig.com and allows users to ask questions either via video with a web cam or by sending a text. Audience members can also mingle amongst themselves so it's a lot of fun.

To attend all you need is a computer with Flash (iPads & iPhones don't support Flash). A web camis not required to attend but you need one if you want to ask a question via video.

The Q&A will take place here.

 George Williams Reading at SCAD

Wed., April 4th • 5-7 pm

George Williams will be reading from Gardens of Earthly Delight at the Savannah College of Art & Design Museum of Art.

"In his first short story collection, Williams (Degenerate) shows a darkly comic sensibility more akin to that of the filmmaking Coen brothers (think Barton Fink) than to more obvious literary influences. His swift, choppy dialog (no quotation marks), quickly shifting scenes, and peculiar interest in archaic religious weaponry (armor, swords, and shields) make for a wild ride from story to story…Recommended to adventurous readers, who will surely enjoy Williams's wildly irreverent inventions."
—Library Journal

 Jason Jack Miller on FCTV

Heidi Ruby Miller and Jason Jack Miller
Friday, April 13th

Authors Jason Jack Miller and Heidi Ruby Miller will be on the debut of "Going LIVE with FCTV"which is broadcast live in Fayette County, PA.

It looks like it will also be streamed live on their web site.

 Pre-Order: The Verminomicon

VerminomiconVerminomicon—A Field Guide
to the Vermin of Yuggoth;
Abominations of a Haunted World

is an illustrated text featuring
the sculptures of Anthony DeBartoli
and text from John Edward Lawson

In a tribute to H.P. Lovecraft, Verminomicon showcases the imagination and skill of sculptor Anthony DeBartolis who has spent years crafting more than thirty different species of vermin from Yuggoth. This disturbingly beautiful volume not only explores the multidimensional menace of the fungoid Mi-Go race established in "The Whisperer in Darkness," but expands on Lovecraft's twisted vision—at the reader's peril.

FungiFull-color images of DeBartolis' sculptures are paired with descriptive text from author John Edward Lawson to deliver a field guide of diabolic scope that also details the story of a scientist caught up in the Mi-Go plot against humanity.


Pre-Order Bonus Offer:

If you pre-order the book you are eligible to purchase a one-of-a-kind, sculpted fungi landscape. These fungi were featured in the book and will look similar to, but not exactly the same as, the sculpture displayed here. At approximately 6" diameter and 3.5" tall this is the perfect size for displaying on a desk or coffee table. Quantities are limited.


 The Gorelets Omnibus eBook for Kindle


The Gorelets Omnibus collects all the bloody little bits of Michael Arnzen's poetry written in the past 10 years into one big volume. Here's an excerpt:The Gorelets Omnibus

Two Corporate Haikruel

beneath hot pavement
picketers buried upright
clutching billboard poles

partitions of nails
press upon spooked accountants
squeezing out profits

You can also order the paperback or hardcover (with bonus material) from Barnes & Noble or Amazon

Hardcover Now Available

While The Gorelets Omnibus is available in both paperback and hardcover versions, the hardcover edition contains more than 50 pages of must-have bonus material, including:  the hard-to-find Martha Stewart parody, “Michael Arnzen Dying,” additional haikruel you won’t find elsewhere, unfinished poems and pieces no longer available on his website, the "Borelets” parody, and an impressive “horror poetry workshop” of instructional essays by Arnzen on crafting terrifying verse, alongside over 300 “twisted” writing prompts specifically intended to instigate weirdness.

And be sure to visit the website responsible for it all at http://gorelets.com


Apr 4th • 8 pm EDT
Video Chat: Q&A with Steven Archer & Donna LynchGeorge Williams

Apr 4th • 5-6:30 pm
Reading George Williams, James Lough
SCAD Museum of Art
Savannah, GA

Apr 13th
Jason Jack Miller & Heidi Ruby Miller on FCTV

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